Apple Introduces new iPod Touch

Apple just released their new iPod Touch. Apple delivers improved performance with its brand new A10 Fusion Chip. The new iPod touch will be available on apple.com and in the Apple stores starting today and will be available to buy from store later in the week.

Group FaceTime and augmented reality (AR) are going to be standard on this new affordable iOS device. It will have an ultra-thin and lightweight design which will make it ideal for music, games, and browsing.

It will come with plenty of space for music at a new 256GB capacity. Subscribers will be able to access over 50 million songs, and thousands of playlists. The largest gaming platform in the world is iOS and now it has 3x faster graphics and the iPod touch runs more smooth and looks even better than before.

Apple will also release Apple Arcade which will provide productive and fun Augmented Reality features.

The new iPod touch will feature six different colors: space gray, pink, white, gold, blue, and red.


Top 3 Cordless Drills in 2019

Bosch DDS183B

The Best Cordless Drill : Bosch DDS183B

This is truly the best cordless drill. It is much more compact and lightweight than anything we have tested in the price range. We love the feel of this drill and its ergonomic design, which makes it really easy to handle.

The whole thing weighs only 2.6 pounds, and the short head makes it easy to work in inaccessible locations. Don’t let its small size fool you, this Bosch  drill has the most torque at 500 in-lb of force.

The Bosch DDS183B 18v Cordless Lithium-Ion EC Drill uses an efficient brushless motor which provides a longer battery life and a longer overall tool lifespan.

This drill features KickBack Control which causes an immediate stop in case of blockage or a potentially dangerous torque reaction. This is what really sets the tool apart from the others we tested.

The DDS183B Compact Tough 1/2 in. Drill is suitable for any handyman, amateur or semi-professional contractor.

In our opinion, this is the drill to get. The Bosch DDS183B is the top-rated drill in the market, and it is priced better than many of the other so called “better models”


Runner Up for Best Rated Cordless Drill the DeWALT DCD7771C2

The DeWALT DCD777C2 20V MAX is our runner up. It definitely delivers excellent value for the money.

This DeWALT cordless drill driver is great for drilling through wood and strong enough to drill through concrete.

The lithium-ion 1/2 inch compact drill driver kit comes with two 20V Li-Ion batteries, which is great if you’re working long jobs. The 18 volt dewalt batteries do not work in the 20v system so if you have a dewalt 18 volt battery, you’re going to need to upgrade to their 20 volt battery system.

The Dewalt tool set also includes a DeWALT battery charger — which you may or may not need depending on whether you have other DeWALT power tools already. This drill is one of the top-rated Amazon, you can buy this model online at Amazon.

We found that this DeWALT drill, like many other Dewalt cordless tools, really lives up to its brands reputation. Plus a three-year Dewalt warranty in case anything goes wrong.

The dewalt 20 volt drill DCD771C2 weighs a total of 3 pounds and delivers just over 500 in-lb of torque.

Its light and compact design makes the Dewalt 20V Max DCD771C2 drill is suitable for all amateurs handyman, DIY and semi-professional contractors alike.

Black & Decker LDX120C

Best Budget Cordless Drill: LDX120C from Black and Decker

The price point of this 20v black and decker cordless drill-driver makes it our top pick for the best budget cordless drill.

The LDX120C cordless lithium-ion drill is perfect for small tasks. And the affordable price tag makes it the best drill for homeowners.

Just don’t expect to be able to drill through harder materials with this drill though, no sir, this isn’t drill driver isn’t really cut out for that kind of works. It’s more of a DIY drill made for the simple homeowner. In our opinion this is the best drill for home use.

Source: cordlessdrillhub.com

Fix Ethernet Driver Issues for Windows 10

Here is a 3-step solution to fixing windows 10 Ethernet driver issue.

1. Try Restarting First

Before trying anything fancy, try restarting your computer first. This may be enough to get it working again.

2. Diagnose the Problem

Still not working? Use Windows Network Troubleshooter app to diagnose the problem. To launch this app click the windows start menu button > type Network Troubleshooter to search for the app > click on Network Troubleshooter. Then follow the instructions to diagnose the problem.

3. Reinstall Drivers

Okay, if that didn’t fix it then don’t worry. Open Settings > Click Network & Internet > Click Status > Click Network Reset. Finally, tap the Reset Now button. This will uninstall and reinstall all your network adapters.